Thursday, May 27, 2010

They are so sweet!

Just thought I would share a few cute stories!

Jackson sometimes can be the sweetest kid, he loves to give kisses now and even puckers up. If I ask him for a big squeeze he throws his arms around my neck and hugs me as tight as he can. He also loves to kiss Camryn and even makes the "mmmmm" sounds when he does it. Well with that said, he also can be a little toot. I was trying to get him to eat dinner the other night, which for some reason is impossible these days, and I went to give him a bite. He knocks the macaroni off the spoon then looks at me with his finger shaking and says "no no, now go". They really are so sweet at this age.

Last night I got home and he only wanted me, he wanted me to hold him or to sit in my lap or be next to me. I felt so special. Then Mimi came home and he slammed the back door right before I walked in then tried to close it on me when I opened it. I guess he wanted time with his Mimi alone! Like I said they are so sweet at this age.

Camryn, who is growing like a weed has started giggling. She smiles all the time and loves when we sing the wheels on the bus to her. Well last night I was feeding her at 3:00am. I actually like this time because no one else is awake so it is nice and calm. So I am sitting there enjoying my moment and she stops eating for a second and gets stiff, then lets out a toot that I honestly thought might have came from Justin, there is no way my sweet baby girl that is so tiny and precious just did this. Then she does it again. I expected this out of Jackson but not my sweet little girl!

The picture of Jackson below is my new favorite. Aunt Juju set up the water slide and he loved it! I think the picture says it all!

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