Thursday, May 27, 2010

They are so sweet!

Just thought I would share a few cute stories!

Jackson sometimes can be the sweetest kid, he loves to give kisses now and even puckers up. If I ask him for a big squeeze he throws his arms around my neck and hugs me as tight as he can. He also loves to kiss Camryn and even makes the "mmmmm" sounds when he does it. Well with that said, he also can be a little toot. I was trying to get him to eat dinner the other night, which for some reason is impossible these days, and I went to give him a bite. He knocks the macaroni off the spoon then looks at me with his finger shaking and says "no no, now go". They really are so sweet at this age.

Last night I got home and he only wanted me, he wanted me to hold him or to sit in my lap or be next to me. I felt so special. Then Mimi came home and he slammed the back door right before I walked in then tried to close it on me when I opened it. I guess he wanted time with his Mimi alone! Like I said they are so sweet at this age.

Camryn, who is growing like a weed has started giggling. She smiles all the time and loves when we sing the wheels on the bus to her. Well last night I was feeding her at 3:00am. I actually like this time because no one else is awake so it is nice and calm. So I am sitting there enjoying my moment and she stops eating for a second and gets stiff, then lets out a toot that I honestly thought might have came from Justin, there is no way my sweet baby girl that is so tiny and precious just did this. Then she does it again. I expected this out of Jackson but not my sweet little girl!

The picture of Jackson below is my new favorite. Aunt Juju set up the water slide and he loved it! I think the picture says it all!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time is flying by!

I have been really bad about updating this blog but I am going to try to get back on track. I can't believe it but Camryn is 2 1/2 months old! It is amazing to me how fast they grow. She is a perfect baby. She sleeps through the night every night. She started doing that at about 6 weeks old, which is amazing because Jackson was about 10 months old and that is being nice. I still think she sleeps better than him! She sleeps most of the day as well. The first 2 months we didn't think she was ever going to wake up. She is getting a little better now but not much. She will wake up for about 30 minutes then her little eyes roll back in her head like she is so tired there is just no way she can open them. She is having no problems gaining weight, she is already almost 11 lbs. She is a great eater and will let you know when she is hungry. She usually sleeps past her 3 hour mark and then wakes up screaming her head off, I think she is telling me "why didn't you wake me up to eat, now I am starving".

Jackson is starting to really like her now. He holds his hands out when he wants to hold her and he checks on her when she cries. He always has to kiss her goodnight and is looking for her first thing in the morning. He also likes to swing her, I keep telling myself that he doesn't know any better when he swings her so high she is about to fly out! He does have his moments when he doesn't like her. I am not allowed to greet her for at least 10 minutes when I get home and if I try to he holds on as tight as he can so i can't set him down!

We did sell our house so we are now living at mom and dad's. It is going good so far and it helps me on the nights that Justin is at work. Jackson of course loves living there and will probalby want to stay there instead of move into the new house with us. He loves hanging out in the shop with grandpa and watering the flowers with mimi! Since we moved Jackson and Camyrn are staying at Aunt Juju's daycare! Jackson loves it, he gets so excited when you tell him he is going to Juju's house. Camryn is okay with it now because all she does is sleep but I have a feeling when she can talk, she is going to ask why I leave her with all these wild boys all the time! I only came back to work 4 days a week and am loving it. I love having a day in the middle of the week to spend with the family!

I am going to do better at keeping this up to date. There are so many fun things going on with both of them right now that I love to share, I just have to find the time!!

Camryn Lynn Cox!

Camryn Lynn Cox arrived at 5:08pm on March 4, 2010. She weighed 7lbs 5 ounces and was 21 inches long and she is perfect! She is beautiful and I immediatly thought she looked just like Jackson. Of course everyone was there to meet her! Justin, Mom, Belinda, Jamie and Julie were in the delivery room with me and once again I couldn't have done it without them. Mom didn't do so well, she stood beside me with her hands over her mouth freaking out b/c the doctor thought the cord was around her neck. Jamie stood closer to my head this time as well as Belinda. Julie stood right next to the doctor and once again tried to deliver the baby. The labor was much better than with Jackson, 11 hours is much nicer than 22. My epidural went smoother as well, after the panic attack I had before I got it I was fine. Once again I was thrilled with not being able to feel my legs so they gave me something to calm me down this time! Once they got her cleaned up in came the rest of the troops - Big Brother Jackson, Grandpa, PaPaw, Julie, Gigi, Uncle Derek, Uncle Michael, Ally, Macie, Austin, Barrett and Dylan. You can only imagine what the nurses were thinking! Jackson was a little bit interested in her at first but obviously didn't understand that she was his to take home. We left the hospital 24 hours later, with a perfect, healthy baby girl!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another trip to the ER

Well so much for 2010 being a better medical year for us. We tried really hard and only made it until February. Justin came home from work Friday feeling terrible from a physical agility test and started throwing up friday night. We thought for sure he had food poisoning from the gas station chicken salad sandwich he at (against his wife's better judgement). Well Sunday he still didn't feel good and the guys at the department called and told him they thought he could have something wrong with his kidneys. Well being the good wife I am I told him they were crazy and he had food poisoning and I refuse to go to the ER AGAIN!! Well after consulting his medical director Justin insisted that we go, me still thinking this was crazy was a little grumpy about it but we went. Well good thing no one listens to me b/c after 3 hours in the ER we found out he has Rhabdomyolysis, which basically means his kidneys were in the process of shutting down b/c of a toxin that was released into his body by his muscles. I almost either had a heart attack or went into labor as the doctor was talking. They admitted us on sunday night and started IV fluids to flush his kidneys. He is being released today but it has been a fun time in the hospital. Luckily Justin's mom was already here for the weekend so we didn't have Jackson with us and his dad was already on 80 by the time Justin called him back to tell him more of what was going on. They stayed the whole time and we couldn't have done it without them. Hopefully the next trip to the hospital will be for the delivery of a healthy baby girl! Hopefully when I tell Justin I think I am in labor he will believe me and not tell me to wait it out because he doesn't want to go to the hospital again! I have learned my lesson and that is if anyone I know wants to go to the ER I will gladly take them. Justin will be fine luckily and there is no permanent damage to his kidneys. He does have to drink a gallon of water a day for the next couple of days and be retested on Friday but we are praying by then his levels will be back to perfect!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was like he knew!

Jackson is starting to feel the pain of my pregnancy with me. We had a great night last night, Justin was at work and Jackson was in a great mood and played with his toys (pots, pans, spoons and the remotes) and let mommy rest on the floor with him. We went to bed early and thought it would be a normal night.

Well at 2am he woke up screaming so I went in there and he went right back to sleep, no problem I will go back to sleep too. Well Miss Camryn had other plans. I guess since I disturbed her she thought my lovely morning sickness that has came back should come early this morning. I had the pleasure of wanting to throw up for about 30 minutes but finally fell back asleep. At 4am here we go again, this time I get to throw up and this might be too much information and scare some of you that haven't been pregnant but when you wake up at 4am and only have time to run to the bathroom and you are 34 weeks pregnant with a full bladder, when you throw up you pee too! That was fun as you can only imagine. Woke back up at 5:00 still sick but finally found the Zofran after digging through my car. Jackson decided he wanted to get up with me too so now we are up playing at 5am. Just when I think the Zofran has kicked in and my day will get better, Jackson decides to have one of those lovely diapers that requires a bath, that really helped with the nausea. We got that cleaned up to realize that I am allergic to the medicine they gave me yesterday to get rid of a bladder infection so now my hands and feet are itching so bad I can't stand it and I have a rash. I take some Benadryl, get Jackson ready and we head out the door. Before we left thought I was putting my shoes on and it was like Jackson knew exactly what I needed. He held his arms up for me to put him on the bed then gave me a huge hug and laid his head down on my shoulder for about 10 seconds (thats long for him). It was what I needed to get me through the day. I am at my desk now about to fall asleep from the Benadryl but I think I am going to make it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My new camera!

I am so excited I finally got a good camera. I love to take pictures and do invitations and all that fun stuff but have never had a great camera. I bought one with money everyone gave me for christmas and my birthday and had a great time playing with it yesterday. I took Jackson and went outside and took a ton of pictures of him playing. The ones of him and Justin playing football turned out so cute! While I thought they were precious they made me want to cry too because Jackson looks like such a big boy in them! It took me forever to get him to be interested in anything other than rolling the patio with the paint roller he found, while I know he was having fun those weren't exactly the cute pictures I was looking for!

Camryn's Nursery

I finally started working on Camryn's nursery! Justin was off this weekend so mom and dad came down and we got everything ready. We are still not finished but we are a lot closer than we were. Mom and I insisted that we get to paint, even though the guys thought it was ridiculous since we are trying to sell the house but we won and we painted! I am so glad we did because I think it made the whole room. We worked on it most of the day Saturday and got Jackson moved to his new room. I was exhausted but mom and dad watched Jackson for us for a couple of hours on Saturday night and Justin and I got to go see and movie and go to dinner which was really nice since it doesn't happen often.

Jackson didn't seem to mind being kicked out of his room, he has adjusted well and slept fine in his new room. He thinks it is really neat that his books are now on a shelf that he can reach. Books are his obsession right now so I have put them all back on the shelf at least 10 times since Saturday. I love that he enjoys reading though because it means he actually slows down for a minute and sits in my lap. We learned yesterday in one of our books how to pick out the kitty cat on every page!